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JULY 31, 2020

The Sit List: Five things to do during COVID-19 involving art and theater

This week, find joy and solace in a curated list of art and theater shows that will inspire, calm, educate and entertain you.

BACK TO NATURE Meditating on nature and our relationship to the earth will help support healthy consumption habits and build sustainable communities. In “Art/Act: Local – Wild Places, “an online art show curated by the David Brower Center, four Bay Area artists celebrate nature in order to encourage its preservation. Hagit Cohen’s work, for instance, features small objects on a large scale. She collects and photographs natural articles like chestnut pods, poppy seed pods, bottle tree pods, and buckeye pods. Ellen Little paints vibrant and elegant watercolors of places like the Billy Goat Hill, a wild hillside by her home that she visits regularly. You’ll feel a connection to the landscape and natural, living things as you view this show.

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